You can contact the venue at Emilii Plater 53

directly at the phone number: 537 882 110.

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Welcome, Friends! We warmly invite you to our restaurant located in the heart of Warsaw.

Benvenuti Amici - Ristorante e Pescheria is not just a perfect place for business dinners, romantic evenings for two, or special occasions with loved ones—it is above all a celebration of food and an unforgettable culinary experience. Our heart and kitchen are open to you and your friends, so you can indulge in a true feast for the senses.

We invite you to taste our authentic Italian dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients. We take pride in being a part of Warsaw and want to share our passion for exquisite cuisine with you.

Reserve a table today and join our restaurant family, so we can create memorable moments at the table together.

See you at Benvenuti Amici - Ristorante e Pescheria - the best Italian restaurant in Warsaw!

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Good cuisine is our unconditional love.

Special Menu

Discover culinary masterpieces where fresh shrimp dance with lime emulsion, fried Italian fennel highlights delicacy, and succulent sea bass captivates your palate. This extraordinary menu is a journey full of flavors that will make your culinary experience truly unforgettable.

The Finest Ingredients

Our Italian restaurant serves dishes where the freshest ingredients take the spotlight. Discover the taste of Mediterranean shrimp, aromatic basil, juicy tomatoes, and the highest quality olive oil. These culinary masterpieces will transport you straight to the heart of Italy.

Experienced Chefs

In our kitchen team, you'll find exceptional chefs whose skills are the result of years of experience. Each dish is the outcome of precise coordination, artistic ability, and a passion for perfect taste. Their masterful approach to the culinary art ensures that every meal in our restaurant is a unique experience that lingers in memory.


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What Our Customers Say?

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It was delicious!

Benvenuti Amici is a charming restaurant that captivates not only with its exquisite food but also with a friendly atmosphere. The shrimp they serve is a true delight for the palate. Combined with the charming ambiance and warm service, it creates the perfect setting for a special dinner. Highly recommended for enthusiasts of flavorful experiences and unique atmospheres!

Emilia Kołodziej
Emilia Kołodziej
Incredible Experience

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a rooftop cocktail event in Warsaw organized by Benvenuti Amici, overlooking the Palace of Culture and Science. It was an extraordinary experience that exceeded my expectations. The cocktails were not only exceptional in taste but also served in an artistic manner, adding an extra charm.

The atmosphere on the rooftop with a view of the Palace of Culture was magical, creating an unforgettable backdrop. The service was professional and friendly, making the evening truly special.

Wiktoria Jaskółka
Wiktoria Jaskółka
I will definitely come back!

I recently visited Benvenuti Amici, renowned for its fantastic Italian pizza, and I must admit it was a true culinary delight. The pizza they serve is absolutely exceptional. The thin, crispy crust with perfect flavor, impeccably arranged ingredients, and flavorful tomato sauce make every bite a feast for the palate.

Moreover, the atmosphere in the restaurant was pleasant, adding to the overall satisfaction of the experience.

Paweł Tokarski
Paweł Tokarski
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